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clothing for young terrestrials

Each item has its own size chart in the listing. In general, our garments have slim-fit silhouettes with with generous stretch and long rises to wear well with cloth diapers. Most of our items are based on height and not weight, since weight distributes differently in different baby bods. In the "additional information" section on each listing, you can find more detailed information like waist ranges, inseams, lengths, and so forth. Have a specific question? Use the contact form or send an e-mail to Tabatha at

Shoes are available in the following sizes: 

The length is of the outsole.  Follow measuring instructions carefully, and feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

Newborn // 3.75" // US Size 0

0-3 months // 4.25" // US Size 1

0-6 months // 4.5" // US Size 2

6-9 months // 4.75" // US Size 3

6-12 months // 5.0"  // US Size 3/4

12 months // 5.25" // US Size 4/5

12-18 months // 5.5" // US Size 5/6

18 months // 5.75" // US Size 6/6.5

18-24 months // 6.0" // US Size 7

2T // 6.25" // US Size 8

3T // 6.5" // US Size 9

Please measure baby's feet before ordering. With baby lying down, take a string or measuring tape and measure from very back of heel to the end of the longest toe. Add 1/2'' room for wiggle and growth. Select the shoe closest to the measurement. Add 1/4'' instead of 1/2" if you'd like a snug fit. 


Back of heel to longest toe measures 5.25" long
--Get 5.5'' size for a snug fit
--Get 5.75" size for wiggle room and growth
--Get 6" size to wear for a long time, will be large at first