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unsolicited tips from unwise parent: Five Ways to Motivate Your Kid Without Reaching for Your Wallet

Here are five things you can do to encourage helpful, motivated behaviors from your own young humans:

  1. When your kid asks a question, answer it! If you don’t know the answer, speculate with them. Don’t just let them be the ones asking “why,” ask them your own questions back.

    • Keeping a dialogue open with your kid on the most earnest and playful questions they have will lead to a willingness to tackle more difficult conversations later on.

    • Your kid feeling heard means your kid will let you know when they feel unheard or misunderstood.

    • Two-way communication isn’t important to every parent; it’s important to me, though, because I believe that saying, “because I said so,” as a response to a kid is insulting. It’s not helpful to only talk and not listen. Model that.

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Small Businessperson Aching for the Downfall of American Capitalism

So, I’d be like, “THIS WORK IS HANDMADE WITH LOVE” and I fucking meant it, because it wasn’t being made from any amount of monetary support that could even support feeding my family. I was working 8-10 hour days for about $3/day. Here. In America. Because that’s what the SAHPs on Etsy told me through their pricing that is all I am worth and I believed it.

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What Are You Doing Today to Move Forward?

I watched tattooed millennials sprout up through the cracks in the earth and wondered if that was who I was. I observed beardy guy after beardy guy seemingly prosper at whatever he was peddling at any event, confidence radiating from his pores like I could never know, not even in my dreams. Where was my beard. Where were my tattooes.

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Gun Violence Revisited

Not much has changed, apart from the increasing anxiety I get when we go somewhere that is heavily populated, especially with a minority community. More shootings. More negligent people with authority. More people believing in the rights of people to have access to semi-automatic rifles, built to ream down humans with precision, than the rights of the people to life, liberty, pursuit of blah blah blah. It is like murdering people in droves is protected under the right to free speech.

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Summer Reading , Television, and Movies: Recommendations From a 5-Year-Old

My intention with today’s post is to share content that Iris enjoys consuming. A time capsule of jpegs with brief notes. Please share your own kid’s lit and video favorites. If your kid’s favorite videos are of people opening eggs on Youtube, I’m so sorry. Unless that’s a thing you love, too, in which case, share it in the comments and do it with gusto(I WONDER WHAT IS INSIDE THIS KINDEREGG!).