Pre-Baby Talk With Self

Christina and I have been talking about having another baby. Eeeee. I like Iris so much still, but I think by next summer I'll be tired of her. Six months out means six months of emotional planning. Before I go insane once I'm in the middle of peesticks, it's important to record things non-peestick-related. Things that I remember about my first pregnancy that might help with a second. 

  • Buy straight up cocoa butter from the co-op. Have a butter knife to scrape a little curl off, melt in hands before caffeinating the baby. Several times a day. 
  • Drink chicken bone broth after the third month when you can handle it again.
  • Be prepared to want to eat basically nothing for about a month. Remember one day you will bite into something you love and it will make you ill.
  • Seabands! You wore them even during your sleeping hours, you had permabruises. Do that again. 
  • Christina was not allowed to eat her food in the same room as you. 
  • You took a prenatal for six months before but stopped taking it a month in. It's okay because once you could eat again you ate raspberries and asparagus and every green thing ever. 
  • Drink a gallon of water a day. You did it last time. Water always. 
  • Nettle tea! Raspberry tea! Several pots a day.
  • Braxton-Hicks contractions happened very, very early on, onset by pretty much anything. Continue to stay active, but not too active or you'll die because Iris. 
  • No drinking. Alas. Lucky you drank all that cider six months prior to babymaking!
  • Don't buy maternity clothes. Okay, fine. One more pair of fucking nice pants. Fancy ones from the fancy store in San Antonio. But just one. One maternity shirt, too. But that's it! All your regular clothes still fit! Nifty thing from Sonya + belly bands were awesome.
  • You may drown in tears because you have no friends and too many babies. 
  • You may finally sew some fucking curtains.
  • You may have a stay-at-home mom meltdown again. 
  • Make a new carrier!
  • Make a list of things to make! 

Gosh I want another tiny baby. Now, though. And I want Iris to spoon said tiny baby. 

Also, my acting career will take another dive. Be ready to write. And sob.