Patterns to Acquire!

It's been years since I've sewn anything for myself. The last thing I sewed for me was an asymmetrical skirt in 2006, maybe earlier. However, I've recently been motivated by the realization that I can read and alter patterns enough on baby items, so I think I can take on making my own clothes.

I dislike most of what I see at the store. Shopping is pretty miserable for me, tears oftentimes accompany trips to the store. The biggest problem is that I'm extremely tiny. I'm short, I've got no hips but I do have a butt, I have no waist but I have boobs. I curve in the front and back, but not from the side to side. I love high-waisted pants, sailor shorts, boatneck shirts, American Apparel tees, structured dresses, high-waisted skirts I can twirl in, long buttondowns with vintage collars, and Levi 511s. Anthropologie tends to be the only place where I can find dresses that fit well, and Citizens of Humanity is the jean I prefer. However, these things are a bajillion dollars so unless I score at a Buffalo Exchange, they don't make it into my wardrobe.

As of right now, I have about fifteen tees that are too large, two pairs of pants that fit great, one skirt, two shirts, and one buttondown. I wear my partner's clothes every day and they're baggy on me. Making my own wardrobe just might be an option for me. 

That being said, here are some patterns I've been looking at on the internets!

The Lane Raglan by Hey June

Hudson Pant by True Bias

Waterfall Tank by Sew Caroline