Sewing for Me

Me as in my little body, whose measurements are something like

33" bust x 25" waist x 34" hip

and it's likely if I was at least 5'5'' my clothes would look awesome, more than awesome, I'm pretty sure my teenage sister has my measurements but is a few inches taller than me and looks like a flippin model, but when you're very, very small everywhere and also short, very few things  fit well. 

Collars on tanktops drop below the center of my bra, shirts are pillows of air, waistlines are low, hips are drapes, and there are a handful of clothing items in my closet. Feels not so awesome to look like a drug abuser when I get dressed.

Enough bitching. I'm sewing my own clothes. 

Already laid down the credit card for sweet sweet fabric. 

you're so savory, robert kaufman chambray, i hope you make this look just as yummy

Back in a few weeks when I've done something.