Down to Business

Bringing Leather Back!

We've been creating beautiful cotton+leather shoes for years, but it's been a while since we've had all-leather options. Why? Because of materials cost. It's important I source high-quality leather, not the stuff that just looks cute in a photoshoot and gets droopy and shredded once your kid actually wears them. I found some verrrry aesthetically-pleasing, top-grain leather in lovely pastels, and now all-leather kicks are back. The per/pair materials cost is about 10x that of a cotton+leather shoe, so that's why you see the price difference between the options. 

Benefits of all-leather shoes: 

--No cotton fading/discoloration

--Dries faster than cotton+leather, making it awesome for summeer

--Yummy leather smell

--Beautiful, minimalist look

I don't make moccasins (see "cultural appropriation" in your Google searchbar), not even for custom orders, but I do know of a woman in town who makes them for 50.00-60.00 that I can refer you to! It's something that isn't part of my own culture, something I think hasn't been approved by our Native Americans, so while I support equality, I don't support appropriating their cultural iconography/clothing. 

Let's take a look at these b(eau)ties! 

We don't have all of the sizes available in each color in the store. If you have a color in mind, please order online, use coupon code ABQLOCALPICKUP to eliminate the shipping, and I'll send you a message when they are ready to pick up at our Nob Hill shop!