Down to Business

Down to Business, Life Outside(ish) Baby

Small Businessperson Aching for the Downfall of American Capitalism

So, I’d be like, “THIS WORK IS HANDMADE WITH LOVE” and I fucking meant it, because it wasn’t being made from any amount of monetary support that could even support feeding my family. I was working 8-10 hour days for about $3/day. Here. In America. Because that’s what the SAHPs on Etsy told me through their pricing that is all I am worth and I believed it.

Down to Business, Life Outside(ish) Baby

Moving to a Webshop

The short story is, that seeing shattered glass for the third time since our lease started broke me, too. There's a much longer story in here about the daily transients who would wander in, some of them aggressive, some of them refusing to leave, some trying to grab items on the way out, all of them requiring that my toddler go hide quietly in the back of the store.