Life Outside(ish) Baby

Life Outside(ish) Baby

What Are You Doing Today to Move Forward?

I watched tattooed millennials sprout up through the cracks in the earth and wondered if that was who I was. I observed beardy guy after beardy guy seemingly prosper at whatever he was peddling at any event, confidence radiating from his pores like I could never know, not even in my dreams. Where was my beard. Where were my tattooes.

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Gun Violence Revisited

Not much has changed, apart from the increasing anxiety I get when we go somewhere that is heavily populated, especially with a minority community. More shootings. More negligent people with authority. More people believing in the rights of people to have access to semi-automatic rifles, built to ream down humans with precision, than the rights of the people to life, liberty, pursuit of blah blah blah. It is like murdering people in droves is protected under the right to free speech.

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Gray is Complacency

#GenderNeutral largely maintains the status quo in the binary by defining a “neutral” place between the parties, affirming that pink is, in fact for girls and blue is, in fact for boys. It suggests, usually, that the garments are going to be gray. Gray, not just the color, but gray, the symbolic fuzzy space not quite defined yet by capitalists.

Life Outside(ish) Baby

Go to Bed, Guilt

What I want for my kids is for them to grow up and be helpful. For them to be able to see a problem in the world that needs fixing and be a part of the effort to solve it. Our current methodology in education doesn’t help develop an interest in community. American financial ideology teaches us to rise up on our own, be the best, make the most, take it all, let no one drag you down.

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Moving to a Webshop

The short story is, that seeing shattered glass for the third time since our lease started broke me, too. There's a much longer story in here about the daily transients who would wander in, some of them aggressive, some of them refusing to leave, some trying to grab items on the way out, all of them requiring that my toddler go hide quietly in the back of the store.