Living with a Toddler

Living with a Baby, Living with a Kid, Living with a Toddler

unsolicited tips from unwise parent: Five Ways to Motivate Your Kid Without Reaching for Your Wallet

Here are five things you can do to encourage helpful, motivated behaviors from your own young humans:

  1. When your kid asks a question, answer it! If you don’t know the answer, speculate with them. Don’t just let them be the ones asking “why,” ask them your own questions back.

    • Keeping a dialogue open with your kid on the most earnest and playful questions they have will lead to a willingness to tackle more difficult conversations later on.

    • Your kid feeling heard means your kid will let you know when they feel unheard or misunderstood.

    • Two-way communication isn’t important to every parent; it’s important to me, though, because I believe that saying, “because I said so,” as a response to a kid is insulting. It’s not helpful to only talk and not listen. Model that.

Living with a Baby, Living with a Toddler, Life Outside(ish) Baby

Gray is Complacency

#GenderNeutral largely maintains the status quo in the binary by defining a “neutral” place between the parties, affirming that pink is, in fact for girls and blue is, in fact for boys. It suggests, usually, that the garments are going to be gray. Gray, not just the color, but gray, the symbolic fuzzy space not quite defined yet by capitalists.

Living with a Toddler

Gun Violence.

Some days, I think maybe I want her to go to a regular school. Other days, like today, I don't want her in school until she's in college. Our cultural treatment of adolescent males coupled with ease of weapons accessibility is going to continue to combust into mass shootings until gun reform happens. That might not ever happen.