Down to Business

eGIFTCARDS Available for Albuquerque Locals!

Know a tot, but know not what size that tot shops? Did a friend of yours put Velocitoddler on their baby shower wishlist? Have no clue if your kid friend likes sloths or dinosaurs more? Coolio coolio. We have a solution for Albuquerque locals.

eGift Cards are now available. Check it out! You purchase it through Square, and it can be used as payment for our Square register. They can be redeemed at our booth during any event you find us. Check our our Events page for a full listing of Albuquerque Downtown Growers’ Markets we are attending. Super duper important message here: These are for people who visit Velocitoddler IN PERSON, at one of our events, which are in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These cards can NOT be used online, they do not work with our online payment merchant.

Happy new baby. 

Happy old baby.

Happy not a baby anymore.