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2nd Pregnancy+Birth Plan (ish)

I told myself this pregnancy, I would document my experience more thoroughly than my last pregnancy. I haven’t, though. I haven’t documented anything thus far, and I’m in the last two months. When Iris was living in my body, I typed notes every few days from the pos pregnancy test up until 13 weeks. Here’s what I remember.


It's ALIVE: Another Fetus in My Uterus

The upside to this was that it only ran us a thousand dollars a month on a credit card. Woo. The downside was that for a year I doubted my body’s evolutionary success. The doubt roots deeply, and this doubt was one I experienced when we were trying to get pregnant in 2012, too. Of course, this downside would have happened in a hospital, too, with a higher price tag. Sooooo upside is that we’re pregnant.