Down to Business

Time Capsule: When We Had a Brick and Mortar

UPDATE: Very Small Shoes changed names to Velocitoddler in December 2017, and the brick-and-mortar in Albuquerque, NM closed in February, 2018.

You might have noticed us as you crawled through construction in Nob Hill. Maybe you picked something up at Sachi and saw the wreath and the flashing LED "OPEN" sign on the way back to your car. Or you were headed to Thai Vegan or to get insurance or to get your dog groomed or your own hair groomed. Then you googled us and now you're here and demanding answers. 

What is Very Small Shoes?! 

We are a handmade tiny wardrobe shop for sizes NB-4T. At this moment, everything you see inside was created in-house with carefully selected natural materials. Durable yet lightweight Japanese cotton. Creamy soft organic cotton. Top grain leather. 

The shop is owned by me, Tabatha Hansen. I went to school for Anthropology and Theatre and graduated with an interest in other humans. I’m a film actor; this business was originally my side job, but after transforming it into something I love, it stands on its own. I am a seamstress for tots. I also hang out on film sets. 

For the last four years, we’ve been at the Albuquerque Downtown Growers’ Market at Robinson Park. It’s one of our favorite places in town, and we’re lucky to be a part of it. I find out soon whether we’ll be at the 2017 season. Hang tight. 

Who is we? Me, my wife, and our toddler. My wife works for UNM as a badass engineer and does studies with cadavers. My kid pulled out her “yogurt mat” tonight to do yoga-urt on it. The sewing began before the kid, the sewing wasn’t inspired by the kid, but now that she’s here, I find myself creating specifically for curious tots. 

What the heck do you sell in there, and how many dollars do these goods cost? CLICK HERE TO LOOK AT THE ONLINE SHOP! Our lowest price point is $7, our highest is $50: 

Washcloths, wipes, cotton rounds: $9-$15

Bibs, pacifier clips: $7-$9

Rice warmers, teething necklaces: $16-$22

Hats (Bonnets, Beanies, Caps): $15-$25

Toddler aprons, ponchos: $33-$48

Organic swaddle blankets, heavy blankets: $30-$50

Shoes (cloth and leather): $26-$46

Organic clothing: $20-$50


Burp cloths

Diaper covers for prefolds

Nursing pads

Laminated placemats



We’d love to include some of our favorite local brands such as Wee Marcel socks, Baby Blastoff onesies, and Caustic Threads onesies. Hopefully this will happen by the end of this summer.

Since everything is handmade, is what's in store all you have? Yes! Whatever you see is what we have. Everything we create is a limited run. That being said, since our items are made in-store, what you find inside can be made in other fabrics or in different sizes. You can also place an order online, use the coupon code ABQLOCALPICKUP to skip the shipping charge, and I'll send you a message when your order is ready for pickup in-store! 

The whole shop has a gender free feel to it. I’m not aiming to create things that are gender neutral, I just don’t care too much for the rules. If your son walks out with a new pair of shoes with pugs donning purple bows, sweet. If he wants the green octopus bandana, that’s cool too. Your girl wants suspenders? There are no rules on how babies should keep their pants pulled up! I don’t divide the shop up by colors, I divide it by categories. You’ll maybe ask yourself, “Can a _____ wear this?,” and the answer you’ll find yourself giving is generally, “Why not?”.

This, I think, concludes my hello and welcome! Swing a right on Solano, there’s a lot behind Thai Vegan. Get some food, get some insurance, get your dog’s hairs cut, and stop in to say hi. Whether or not you know a baby, come appreciate some insanely cool tot clothes, and take a cup of tea on your way out.