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"But put a blue monster on a baby girl? I would never. " —a critic of velocitoddler

My name is Tabatha, the designer and maker behind Velocitoddler. We are based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a place where the skies are the colors of sorbet and the August air smells like mud and green chile.

We want to pass our curiosity forward, so we create clothes that break the rules. How? Our prints are available in every style of clothing. Why? When we categorize who should like what, we don’t allow kids to learn how to express themselves. To help out, we design a rainbow of colors in gender neutral styles with only one line of sizing. No “boys” section, no “girls” section. No uncomfortable clothes for any kid!

Since we design all our clothes with all kids in mind, you simply gift the ones you love what you love. We can’t tell kids they can grow up to be whoever they want to be, but then start off by separating their paths into colors and toys and interests. As grownups, the more open our minds and hearts are, the more loved our children will feel and the more free they will feel to be themselves. An owl, cuttlefish, blue monster and unicorn for every new human, we say! Why not?


Owner, Maker

P.S. Head on over to the FAQ page if you want to know more about VT! We are also committed to ethical practices like slow fashion (producing high-quality garments vs. churning out on the cheap) and organic and sustainable fabric sourcing.