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"But put a blue monster on a baby girl? I would never. " 

My name is Tabatha, the designer and maker behind Velocitoddler. We are based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a place where the skies are the colors of sorbet and the August air smells like mud and green chile. Every good we offer is handmade, and our brand is moving towards exclusive artwork. When you see the words “VT-Exclusive,” you can only find that gift in our line, making that weird, unique goodie also rare (like a Pokemon! like a Neopet! Like a Hatchimal!).

A little about how VT came to exist: As I became an adult, I took my kid self along. That kid has buttons, dirt, Roald Dahl, cartwheels in the living room, and Mr. Moneybags (a man with all the money whose buildings one day crumble under the sheer weight of storing it all) on her mind a lot of the time. Once we had a babe and our first Halloween rolled around (we were dressed as 1997), we realized getting to relive childhood without public scrutiny is arguably the best part of parenting! Now, we get another chance to experience this magical time, and every day is an opportunity for us to let our kid feel freedoms we never got to.

We want to pass our curiosity forward, so we create clothes that break the rules of the binary. Why? Because when we categorize who should like what, we don’t allow kids to express themselves. Instead, we design a rainbow of colors in neutral styles with only one line of sizing. No “boys” section, no “girls” section. No uncomfortable clothes for any kid. Since we design all our clothes with all kids in mind, you simply gift the ones you love what you love. We can’t tell kids they can grow up to be whoever they want to be, but then start off by separating their paths into colors and toys and interests. As grownups, the more open our minds and hearts are, the more loved our children will feel and the more free they will feel to be themselves. An owl, cuttlefish, blue monster and unicorn for every new human, we say! Why not?


Owner, Designer, Maker

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