Bat Slouchy Hat

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All clothes are for all kids.


Your tot said, "Hey, I'm bald," so we said, "FINE, let's get you a hat." 

This hat has got a few awesome things going for it. First, the tot wearing it. Second, it's an athletic knit, so it's super soft and stretchy and isn't going to pill because it’s made of swimsuit material. Third, it's MADE OF SWIMSUIT MATERIAL, so your kid can dunk it in water and put it back on to stay cool during the summer. Ahhh. (When it’s not summer, don’t dunk in water. )

Happy birthday, tot, Or unbirthday.

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Size Chart

Newborn: 12”-14” Head Circumference

0-3MOS: 14”-16” Head Circumference

3-6MOS: 15”-17” Head Circumference

6-12MOS: 16”-18” Head Circumference

12-24MOS: 17”-19” Head Circumference

2T-6T: 19”-21” Head Circumference


88% Polyester / 12% Lycra


Care instructions: To keep in top condition, don't ever let your kid use! To care for as best as you can, wash delicate and hang to dry. To care for like you care for the rest of your clothes, wash and dry on extra low.