Purple Cuttlefish Organic Bodysuit

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Enter a lesser-known cephalopod: the cuttlefish. They can see behind them, change the color and texture of their skin to camouflage, and the males have been observed gender-bending to deceive other males while trying to show off for females. For real, as in, “I am going to change colors and puff my body like I am pregnant so I can swim past all you hypermasculine cuttlefish and woo a female who appreciates this skill.” They are also incredible fighters.

  • This VT-exclusive artwork is printed on GOTS-certified organic cotton knit. The Global Organic Textile Standards are the leading standards in evaluating organic textiles, setting ecological and social responsibilities from the growth of the cotton through the welfare of the workers in the manufacturing process.

  • The fabric is printed in the USA using eco-friendly, water-based digital printing with pigment inks. Traditional textile printing is a leading worldwide cause of water pollution; the environmentally conscious company we work with uses a process that uses almost no water at all, using Oeko-Tex 100 pigment inks that set restrictions on harmful chemicals such as lead.

  • These fabrics are also free from fire-retardant chemicals.

Cut and sewn in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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purple cuttlefish fabric
Copy of sloth green baby toddler onesie unisex gender neutral gift

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Body: GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton Knit

Trim: 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex


NOTE: Our bodysuits are cut long to be worn with disposable or cloth diapers. If you cloth diaper with a lot of bulk (thick all-in-ones), we recommend you go up one size.


Care instructions: To keep in top condition, don't ever let your kid use! To care for as best as you can, wash delicate and hang to dry. To care for like you care for the rest of your clothes, wash and dry on extra low.