Mochi+Yellow Yoga Shorts

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Our favorite babe wardrobe pieces are the ones constructed in just the right way to make them last longer than the others: a pillowcase dress with enough room at the arm to keep using until it's a shirt, the pant with a wide cuff at the bottom to use until it becomes a short, the leggings with the high rise to last from cloth diaper in babyhood to no diaper in toddlerhood. 

These shorts are on our list. 

These lovelies are made with soft woven Japanese cotton body from Cotton+Steel with an organic cotton cuffed waistband that can unfold to adjust the rise. There is no elastic around the waist, making them even more comfortable and accommodating for all baby bods. Waistband is a slim cut, perfect for all those babes who are hard to find small waistbands for. Because the main part of this garment is not stretchy, we recommend you go up 2 sizes if you cloth diaper and adjust the rise with the foldable waistband.

The body is from a 100% Japanese cotton. It's a woven print, so you will get minimal fading because these don’t stretch. These shorts are breathable, and they are straightup cotton, not a polyblend. Can you recall your sad favorite item that once was the softest thing on the planet but then you washed it and now its scratchy with little balls on it? This is not like that. This is the happy favorite item. 

Happy birthday, tot. Or unbirthday. 

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Certified Organic Cotton Knit with 5% Spandex by Birch Organics


Care instructions: To keep in top condition, don't ever let your kid use! To care for as best as you can, wash delicate and hang to dry. To care for like you care for the rest of your clothes, wash and dry on extra low.