U.S. Size 1 Cicada Shoes


Size Available: U.S. 1 / 3-6MOS

Sole Type: Cloth

These cicada kicks are the coolest, and should probably be adorned by every tiny human.

The outside fabric is cotton, the inside fabric is soft, cozy organic cotton knit. They are top-stitched, have elasticized ankles to keep them on, and they have a layer of batting sandwiched between the layers for wind protection. They can be used and passed along to the next baby you know. Go hand-me-downs.

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Additional Info

LINING: Lined with organic cotton knit.

SOLES: Cloth Soles

Please measure baby's feet before ordering.

  1. With baby lying down, take a string or measuring tape and measure from very back of heel to the end of the longest toe.

  2. Add 1/2'' room for growth.

  3. Select the shoe closest to the measurement. Add 1/4'' instead of 1/2" if you'd like a closer fit. 


    Back of heel to longest toe measures 5.25" long
    --Get 5.5'' size for a closer fit
    --Get 5.75" size for growth
    --Get 6" size to wear for a long time, will be large at first

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash cold or wash on delicate cycle in cold water. Reshape and air dry. Do not put in dryer.